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EHLE.- grinder L, fourpart, black
Let's be real: You're not just looking for any grinder, you're looking for a monster! The EHLE Grinder L in sleek black is not your ordinary tool. It's an art form – featuring a CNC-milled grinding mechanism that promises precision and a magnetic seal that keeps every little bit in its place. Imagine effortlessly and stylishly grinding your favorite herbs, while the laser-engraved logo on the aluminum casing catches the light. And the best part? A convenient recess in the lid provides enough space for your mix and papers. This isn't just a grinder, it's a statement!Product Highlights:Pure Precision: CNC-milled grinding mechanism for even grinding.Magnetic Seal: Keeps everything tight and secure.Storage in the Lid: Perfect for your mixes and papers.Stylish Design: A real eye-catcher with a laser-engraved logo and black finish.
EHLE.- grinder M, fourpart, black
Introducing the EHLE Grinder M in Black – not just a grinder, but a precision tool. With its CNC-milled grinding mechanism, magnetic seal, and integrated sieve, it offers everything you need for the perfect grinding experience. Stylish and efficient, with a laser-engraved logo that not only looks cool but also shows your attention to detail. And with a diameter of 63 mm, it fits perfectly in your hand. Ready to elevate your grinding to the next level?Product Highlights:Precision Grinding Mechanism: CNC-milled for the perfect grind.Magnetic Seal: Keeps everything in its place.Integrated Sieve: For optimal separation of your herbs.Stylish Design: Black aluminum with a laser-engraved logo.
EHLE.- grinder S, fourpart, black
Attention, grinder seekers! Introducing the EHLE.-Grinder S in Black, revolutionizing herb grinding with its compact size and CNC-milled precision. This little marvel in black zinc with a laser-engraved logo blends style with functionality. Its 35 mm diameter makes it the perfect travel companion. The magnetic seal and integrated sieve ensure efficient and clean grinding. Don't be fooled by its size – this grinder is a real game changer!Product Highlights:Precise Grinding Mechanism: CNC-milled for even grinding results.Magnetic Seal: Ensures clean and secure use.Compact Size: Perfect for on-the-go with a diameter of just 35 mm.Stylish Design: Black zinc with an eye-catching, laser-engraved logo.
EHLE.-Grinder ceramic coated
Are you ready to elevate your herb and spice world to the next level? Then the EHLE Ceramic Grinder is exactly what you need. With its impressive diameter of 63 mm, it not only offers you ample space, but also a top-notch grinding experience, thanks to its high-quality ceramic coating. No more annoying sticking – just perfect, uniform results. And the best part? Along with the grinder, you get a stylish gift box, a cleaning brush, a pollen scraper, and a handy carrying pouch. Ideal for you or as a gift for your friends. Don't wait any longer, grab the EHLE Ceramic Grinder and experience effortless grinding!Product Highlights: Generous Diameter: Generous 63 mm diameter – perfect for extensive grinding. High-Quality Ceramic Coating: High-quality ceramic coating – for a uniform and efficient grinding result without sticking. More Than Just a Grinder: Includes gift box, cleaning brush, pollen scraper, and carrying pouch – a complete worry-free package. Durable and High-Quality: A reliable companion that won't let you down.
Grinder BLUE
Discover a new way of grinding with the EHLE Aluminum Grinder. This high-quality grinder made from aerospace-grade aluminum is not only a true gem but also guarantees perfect results. The razor-sharp, curved teeth ensure your herb is quickly transformed into a fluffy masterpiece. Thanks to the precise hole pattern, you get the ideal consistency every time. Its high-tech materials promise durability without scratches. The magnetic lid with strong neodymium magnets and the ingenious chambers make using it a breeze.Product Highlights:Razor-Sharp Teeth: For a fluffy grinding result.High-Quality Aluminum: Robust, durable, and scratch-resistant.Magnetic Lid: No spillage thanks to strong neodymium magnets.Fine Micron Screen: Catches even the smallest particles.
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Explore our high-quality selection of grinders. Whether you prefer fine or coarse grinds, our grinders always guarantee a perfect result. They are robust, durable, and easy to use - ideal for daily use. With our grinders, you always get the perfect consistency for your herbs or tobacco. They offer not only a clean but also an efficient grinding process. Easy to clean and maintain, our grinders are a must-have for every smoker. Get your grinder today and experience a whole new smoking experience! Durable Quality: Our grinders are robust and carefully crafted, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Discover our versatile selection of grinders! From compact pocket sizes to large tabletop models, we have the perfect grinder for your needs. Whether you prefer fine or coarse grinds, our grinders meet all requirements. Made from high-quality materials, they promise long-lasting quality and reliable performance. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain for effortless handling. Treat yourself to the ultimate grinding experience with our top-class grinders. You'll notice the difference right away!

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Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of our grinders and experience the difference! Discreet and Practical: Our grinders are compact and easy to transport, perfect for on the go. Whether you're on the go or at home, our grinders are a must-have for every connoisseur. Not only are they compact and light, but they're also made from high-quality materials, ensuring even grinding. In our range, you'll find a variety of models and colors. Whether you prefer a discreet black grinder or one in bright red, we have it. Plus, they're super easy to clean. Enhance your experience with our reliable grinders and shop online with us now. 

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You can buy this herb mill here with us. Whether you're looking for a sturdy metal grinder or prefer a handy plastic grinder, you'll find it with us. We have models in various sizes, colors, and designs that perfectly match your style. Our grinders are durable, easy to clean, 4-piece, and offer an even grinding result. So your smoking experience always remains enjoyable. Looking for a grinder with a pollen screen? No problem, we have that too! Be surprised by our top brands and sensational prices. Find your perfect grinder now!