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No, and there are simple reasons for this: When it comes to pipes from other manufacturers, our glassblowers can never be sure about the type of glass used. It's just too risky!

Additionally, it doesn't make economic sense to repair a "China pipe."

And one of the most important reasons: It's better to spend a bit more when purchasing a pipe, as this ensures that all EHLE pipes can fundamentally be repaired. (We'll explain what's beyond repair further below.)

Economically, it doesn't make sense to repair a "normal" bowl or a "normal" downstem.

However, if you have a colored diffuser or a colored bowl, it might make sense to consider repair. Please just send us a request via the repair form below!

Stuck joints can be quickly and easily removed here with our equipment. Please do not try anything yourself by force. The risk of unnecessarily increasing the damage or injuring yourself is too great. By the way, releasing stuck joints is a free service.

We can renew almost all joints, often without it being noticeable afterwards. It's important that the crack or break doesn't extend into the body of the glass; such damage can sometimes be irreparable. If you have questions about your mishap, just send us a photo via the repair inquiry form below before sending your bong to us.

The most important thing here is that your glass water pipe must be straight. Unfortunately, we cannot attach bases to curved models for production reasons. Again, it's crucial that no crack extends into the body of the glass, as we would have no chance of repairing it in that case. And yes, your e.motion is repairable.

We have several options here: We can cut off the broken end and shape a new mouthpiece for you. Or, we can extend the pipe to its original length, and if you wish, even a bit beyond that. Please note that there will always be a seam visible - but sometimes that's like the patch on your favorite jeans... However, we can only work on straight models in this case.

As a rule, repairs are always prioritized in production. This means we can usually ship your repaired item back to you within 1-3 days, assuming payment for the repair has been made.

After you send us some photos of the pipe and we've discussed the repair with our glassblowers, you'll receive a repair form from us. Please send this form along with the pipe to us (you will need to cover the shipping costs, of course).

As soon as we receive the pipe, your repair will be carried out and then tempered in the oven to remove stress from the glass!

In the meantime, you will receive an order confirmation from us, which you can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Since these orders are manually created by us and do not go through our shop, payment methods like credit card, Giropay, purchase on account, etc., are not available.

When a pipe or accessory is broken, it means there is a lot of tension in the glass. Therefore, all items to be repaired are first heated in our tempering oven to approximately 580 degrees Celsius to remove the tension from the glass!

However, during a repair, there's always a risk that the glass item might completely shatter as soon as we apply the flame. In such cases, unfortunately, we cannot assume any liability or warranty. We want to emphasize clearly that every repair is carried out at your risk. Thank you for your understanding!

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