EHLE. Mitarbeiter Thomas Ehle
Thomas Ehle
Founder / Master of Glass Apparatus Construction / Managing Director

The Face of Our Company! For over 34 years now, Thomas has been producing and creating our products. With dedication and passion!

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Avatar Mann
Kai Uwe Gerhards
Managing Director

No company exists for so long without solid commercial thinking and action! And that is precisely the main task and passion of Kai Uwe.

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Alex
Alex Müller
Sales / Authorized Manager

Our salesperson Alex mainly takes care of our dealers! And it doesn't matter whether it's Frankfurt, Australia, or Las Vegas!

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Avatar Frau

Sabine ensures that your invoices are always correctly recorded and that we receive our salary every month :-)

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Emsal

Emsal ensures that every package is packed with love and, most importantly, will arrive safely at your doorstep!

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Avatar Frau
Customer Service

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Jasmin
Master of Glass Apparatus Construction

Since her training with us, Jasmin has now become Thomas's right hand! No one makes finer sections than our Jasmin...

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Alex frontal
Alex S.
Glass Apparatus Constructor

Have you already got one of those wonderful diffusers from us? Then there's a high chance that our Alex built it and ensured the precise air inlets.

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Marek
Glass Apparatus Constructor

Marek has become an absolute expert in making our mouthpieces and has been with our company since his training.

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Avatar Mann
Karl Heinz
Master of Glass Apparatus Construction

The most senior employee in our company: Karl Heinz has already worked with Thomas's father and, among other things, ensures our perfect beakers.

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Avatar Mann
Master of Glass Apparatus Construction

Also seemingly with us in the company for ages, and you have certainly smoked from a bowl made by Willi! Whether it's a funnel, cylinder, screen groove, or pure bowl.

EHLE. Mitarbeiter Vincent

Of course, we also care deeply about the next generation of glassblowers: That's why our apprentice Vincent is currently learning everything important about the production of glass in his dual trainin