Double-Percolatorbong "Mars"
Hey, space adventurers and smoke enthusiasts! Embark on a galactic journey with our new "Mars" Percolator Bong. This isn't just a smoking device – it's a statement. With an impressive height of about 49 cm and a wall thickness of 5 mm, it's robust and durable. The double percolator ensures a smooth and cool smoking experience, while the fire-polished logo underscores this bong's unique character. Best of all? It comes without a kick hole, for a pure and unadulterated smoking experience.Product Highlights:Double Percolator: For an extra smooth smoke.Impressive Size: 49 cm height for impressive smoke development.Sturdy Construction: 5 mm wall thickness for lasting quality.Exclusive Design: The fire-polished logo adds a touch of elegance.
Doublepercolatorbong with round foot
Curtains up for an icon of smoking culture: Our Double Percolator Bong with Round Base. Crafted from sturdy 5mm glass, this masterpiece stands not just for unmatched durability but also for a smoking experience that's second to none. With a proud height of 45cm and an NS 18 cut, this bong is the perfect symbiosis of functionality and style.The heart of this bong lies in the two percolators that cool and filter the smoke in an elegant dance before it reaches the ice notches, acting as a cool oasis in the heat of the moment. There, you can place ice cubes to further cool the smoke on its journey, making every draw a refreshing breeze.Personalization is key: Choose from 20 different logos to give your bong a personal touch and make it a true expression of your individual style. The round base not only completes the design but also provides a solid foundation that ensures your bong stands firm and secure, wherever your smoking experience takes you.Product Highlights:Sturdy 5mm Glass: Stands for longevity and a high-quality smoking experience.Double Percolator System: Offers double filtration for a cool, clean draw.Ice Notches for Additional Cooling: Perfect for adding ice for an even cooler smoking experience.20 Customizable Logos: Allows you to personalize your bong.Stable Round Base: Ensures safety and stability.
20 Logos
EHLE.meyer Percolatorbong
Discover our Ehle Beaker Bong, a classic from our own production line, redefining smoke culture and quality. Standing tall at 45 cm, it's perfectly equipped with a dome percolator and ice notches for the ultimate smoking experience. Fill it to the brim with ice cubes for cool, smooth smoke. The 18.8 mm joint and bowl ensure seamless fit, while the sturdy 5mm glass guarantees exceptional durability and longevity.Product Highlights:Dome Percolator: For smooth and filtered smoke.Ice Notches: Perfect for a cool smoking experience.Sturdy Construction: 5mm thick glass for lasting quality.Size: 45 cm height for impressive smoke development.
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Percolatorbong "Mars"
Ready for an out-of-this-world smoking experience? The new "Mars" Percolator Bong is here to take you on a journey through a galaxy of pleasure. With an impressive height of around 40 cm and a wall thickness of 5 mm, this bong stands for durability and quality. The simple percolator ensures a smooth filtration and cooling of your smoke, while the fire-polished logo adds elegance and style. Designed without a kick hole, it offers a pure and undisturbed smoking experience.Product Highlights:Galactic Height: Approx. 40 cm for extensive smoke development.Sturdy Construction: 5 mm wall thickness and 45 mm diameter.Efficient Percolator: Gentle filtration for a pleasant smoking sensation.Stylish Design: Fire-polished logo as a sign of exclusivity.
Percolatorbong (double) with hexagonal foot
Elevate your smoking experience with our Double Percolator Bong, a masterpiece of smoking art available in two impressive sizes: Choose between the compact 45cm version with a 40mm diameter or the majestic 55cm version with a 54mm diameter. Each option is meticulously designed to offer exceptionally clean and cool smoking experiences through double percolation.The integrated clear glass ice notches not only visually extend the sleek design but also allow for the addition of ice to further cool the smoke, making every draw both more intense and more refreshing. Personalize your bong to your liking with a choice of 20 different logos and make it a true expression of your individual style.Product Highlights:Two Size Options: Available in 45cm with a 40mm diameter or in 55cm with a 54mm diameter.Double Percolator System: Provides double filtration for a clean and cool smoking experience.Clear Glass Ice Notches: Ideal for extra cooling and an aesthetically pleasing design.Personalization Option: Choose from 20 logos to make your bong a personal artwork.High-Quality Glass: Ensures longevity and a sturdy construction.
Percolatorbong (single) with hexagonal foot
Craftsmanship meets innovation: Our Percolator Bong with a hexagonal base heralds a new era of smoking pleasure. Available in two impressive sizes – 37cm and 45cm – this bong offers a selection from 20 different logos, allowing it to perfectly match your personal style. Each of these bongs is equipped with clear glass ice notches, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance functionality by pleasantly cooling the smoke before inhalation.The true stars of this bong, however, are the carefully handcrafted percolators that guarantee optimal filtration and cooling with every draw. The innovative hexagonal base not only provides a solid foundation for stability but also adds a unique design element that sets this bong apart from the rest. Made from high-quality glass, these bongs promise durability and an unparalleled smoking experience.Product Highlights:Handcrafted Percolators: Ensure unmatched filtration and a cool smoking experience.Stable Hexagonal Base: Provides not only safety but also a unique design.Clear Glass Ice Notches: Enhance both aesthetics and functionality by effectively cooling the smoke.Personal Customization: Choose from 20 logos to make your bong personal.Two Size Options: Available in 37cm and 45cm to meet various preferences.
Percolatorbong US-Style
Are you ready to elevate your smoking experience to the next level? Our new Percolator Bongs, extremely popular in the USA, offer you just that! These innovative bongs come with a side attachment, eliminating the need for an additional diffuser as it's built directly into the pipe. This ensures optimal smoke distribution and cooling. Choose from two different heights, but enjoy the consistent wall thickness of 5 mm, which guarantees exceptional stability and durability.Product Highlights:Integrated Diffuser: Facilitates smoke distribution and cooling without extra parts.Two Height Variants: Cater to individual preferences and needs.Sturdy Construction: 5 mm wall thickness for stability and long-term durability.Popular Design: Highly valued and recognized for quality and smoking efficiency, especially in the USA.
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Percolatorbong White Rainbow (Limited Edition Bong)
Are you ready for a smoking experience as unique as you are? Be enchanted by our new Limited Edition Bong Perc White Rainbow. This bong is more than just a smoking device; it's a work of art. Its unique color section, exclusively developed for this model, makes it stand out in any room. The 5mm wall thickness and two colorful percolators ensure an intense and exceptionally smooth smoking experience. The fire-polished logo with Thomas Ehle's signature and the colorful ice notches emphasize the exclusivity and special flair of this bong. Product Highlights in English:Unique Color Section: Exclusive to this model.Sturdy Construction: 5mm wall thickness for durability.Colorful Percolators: Enhance smoking experience.Exclusive Design: Fire-polished logo with Thomas Ehle’s signature and colorful ice notches.
Percolatorbong with round foot
Ready for a robust smoking experience? Our EHLE Percolator Bong stands out with its white outline and comes fully equipped for the perfect smoking pleasure. It's not just a visual highlight; it also boasts stability and durability with its 5mm wall thickness. Standing at 45 cm tall and with a diameter of 50 mm, it's large enough for an intense smoking experience. Each of these bongs is hand-signed and comes with a red EHLE seal, making it a special piece in your collection.Product Highlights:Sturdy Construction: 5mm wall thickness for durability.Large Dimensions: 45 cm height and 50 mm diameter.Unique Design: White outline and hand-signed red EHLE seal.Fully Equipped: Includes coupling and head for immediate use.
Triple Percolatorbong "Mars"
Hey, smoke enthusiast! Welcome to a new era of smoking with our brand-new triple Percolator Bong "Mars" by THOMAS EHLE. This masterpiece, marked by the fire-polished signature of THOMAS EHLE, is not just about excellent design, but also about performance that seems out of this world. With an impressive height of 54 cm and a wall thickness of 5 mm, it’s a true monument among bongs. The triple percolator ensures an incredibly smooth smoking experience, without a kick hole for pure, unadulterated enjoyment. Product Highlights:Triple Percolator: For an incredibly smooth smoking experience.Imposing Size: 54 cm in height – a true standout among bongs.Guaranteed Quality: THOMAS EHLE's signature as a mark of exclusivity.Sturdy Construction: 5 mm wall thickness for exceptional durability.