We are excited to introduce you to our new RED SERIES. 
8 completely different bongs, each adorned with the new special logo, which is only available in this series! 
Choose your favorite in RED...

Red Series Bong #1
Discover the exclusivity of our Red-Series #1: A revolutionary 500ml bong that impresses not only with its size but also with its unique design and functionality. Equipped with an NS 18 cut, this bong offers a smoking experience that is unmatched in its class. However, what truly makes the Red-Series #1 unique is the new logo, available only in this series, symbolizing quality and exclusivity.Not just the bong itself, but also the bowl and the middle part (coupling or diffuser) are adorned with this special logo, making the Red-Series #1 a real collector's item. This attention to detail underscores the exclusive character of the series and guarantees that you receive a product that is unique in every aspect.Product Highlights:Exclusive Design: The Red-Series #1 is distinguished by a unique logo found only in this series, giving it an unmistakable character.High-Quality Craftsmanship: With a volume of 500ml and an NS 18 cut, this bong combines perfect handling with exceptional smoking pleasure.Uniform Logo: Both the bowl and the middle part feature the exclusive logo, emphasizing membership in the Red-Series #1 and increasing its collector's value.Innovative Function: Equipped with a diffuser for optimal filtering and cooling of the smoke, leading to a smooth and pleasant draw.
Red Series Bong #2
Experience the next evolution in the Red Series with the introduction of our Red-Series #2. This standalone variant sets new standards in design and functionality. The 500ml bong, equipped with an NS 18 cut, is particularly distinguished by its striking mouthpiece entirely in red, setting a visual highlight that differentiates the bong from others. The exclusive logo, found only in this series, proudly adorns both the bong and the bowl, which is additionally decorated with aesthetic red dots to create a perfect visual unity.This special edition of the Red Series combines high functionality with a unique design approach. The careful selection of materials and precise craftsmanship guarantee not only a premium smoking experience but also remarkable durability. The thoughtfully designed bowl, adorned with red dots, perfectly complements the overall aesthetics of the bong, making the Red-Series #2 an indispensable accessory for every smoke enthusiast.Product Highlights:Striking Red Mouthpiece: Offers a unique design element that immediately catches the eye and makes the bong special.Exclusive Series Logo: Emphasizes membership in the Red Series and highlights the uniqueness of this bong.Masterful Craftsmanship: The combination of 500ml volume and NS 18 cut ensures an unparalleled smoking pleasure.Visually Coordinated Bowl: The red dots on the bowl perfectly complement the design of the bong and complete the overall image.
Red Series Bong #3
Dive into the latest innovation of our Red Series: the Red-Series #3. This bong takes it a step further than its predecessors by not only featuring a distinctive red mouthpiece and an exclusive logo but also spectacular red ice notches that elevate the smoking experience to an unprecedented level of cooling and design.With a volume of 500ml and an NS 18 cut, the Red-Series #3 offers the ideal balance between functional size and premium smoking pleasure. The red ice notches are not just a visual highlight but also serve a practical purpose: they effectively cool the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece, ensuring an exceptionally smooth and pleasant draw.Product Highlights:Innovative Red Ice Notches: Unique in the Red Series, they offer enhanced cooling and a striking design.Exclusive Design: The special logo and the eye-catching red mouthpiece underline the uniqueness of the Red-Series #3.Perfection in Craftsmanship and Function: The 500ml capacity and NS 18 cut guarantee an unrivaled smoking experience.Visual and Functional Harmony: The red ice notches perfectly match the overall design and enhance the smoking pleasure through effective cooling.
Red Series Bong #4
Welcome to the latest addition to our exclusive Red Series: the Red-Series #4, also known as the "Beaker Little Brother". This model is distinguished by a wall thickness of 3.2 mm, promising impressive robustness and durability. What really makes the "Little Brother" stand out, however, is the matching colored rim, which is in perfect harmony with the overall design and gives the bong a distinctive look.With a compact design, the Red-Series #4 offers the ideal balance between portability and efficient function. The special Red Series logo, which is also present here, underscores the exclusivity and membership of this special collection. Whether for everyday use or as a highlight in your collection, the "Beaker Little Brother" is an excellent choice for anyone who values quality and style.Product Highlights:Robust Wall Thickness: 3.2 mm glass provides stability and a long lifespan.Unique Design: The matching colored rim aesthetically sets this bong apart, making it a real eye-catcher.Compact Size: Ideal for daily use and easy to handle.Exclusive Red Series Logo: A sign of the quality and exclusivity of this limited series.
Red Series Bong #5
Discover the majestic presence of the Red Series #5, also known as the "Beaker Bong Big Brother". This impressive model stands out for its robust construction made of 5mm thick glass, ensuring exceptional durability and a safe and enjoyable smoking experience. The Red Series #5 is distinguished by its red ice notches and red mouthpiece, which together not only provide a visually appealing design but also enhance functionality by allowing a cool and smooth flow of smoke.The combination of the striking red mouthpiece and the carefully placed ice notches makes this bong a true eye-catcher and emphasizes the exclusivity of the Red Series. The unique logo, reserved only for members of this series, adorns the bong and confirms its authenticity and membership in a line of products known for the highest quality and innovative design.Product Highlights:Robust 5mm Glass: Ensures stability and long-lasting durability.Red Ice Notches: Offer not just a unique design element but also cool the smoke for an improved smoking experience.Striking Red Mouthpiece: Creates visual highlights and perfectly matches the red ice notches.Exclusive Red Series Logo: Emphasizes the specialty and high quality of the bong.
Red Series Bong #6
Welcome to the era of the Red Series #6, where innovation meets design. Our beloved Ribbed Tube Bong reaches new heights of perfection with the Red Series #6. This masterfully crafted bong impresses with a lofty height of 45cm and is equipped with an NS 18 cut, ensuring a smooth smoking experience. A bright red mouthpiece not only sets a visual accent but also emphasizes the exclusivity and high-quality aesthetics of this special edition.The Red Series #6 is distinguished by its unique ribs in the tube, which not only create an impressive design but also cool the smoke as it passes through. This thoughtful feature ensures a pleasantly mild smoking experience. The characteristic red mouthpiece and the exclusive logo of the Red Series make this bong an indispensable collector's item and a highlight in any smoke collection.Product Highlights:Impressive Height of 45cm: Offers extensive smoke volume and visually appealing design.NS 18 Cut: Ensures an optimal fit and undisturbed smoking experience.Cooling Function Through Ribbed Tube: The ribs in the tube effectively cool the smoke for a comfortable draw.Exclusive Red Mouthpiece: Gives the bong a special touch and sets it apart from others.
Red Series Bong #7
Dive into a world where colors guide emotions: The Red Series #7 marks the latest milestone in our celebrated e.motion series. In this base model, we've reinterpreted the art of subtle design by incorporating a logo-coordinated red-green mouthpiece that captures attention and brings a fresh note to the collection. But the innovation doesn't end here. The base of this curved pipe is adorned with an elegant red rim, in perfect harmony with the also red ice notches, creating a visual masterpiece.The Red Series #7 is more than just a pipe; it's a homage to the symbiosis of design and functionality. Its curved shapes not only flatter the eye but also optimize the smoking experience by cooling the smoke through cleverly placed red ice notches. These ensure a refreshing and smooth experience that leaves a lasting impression.Product Highlights:Red-Green Mouthpiece: A color-coordinated design element that emphasizes elegance and uniqueness.Elegant Red Rim on the Base: Gives the pipe a touch of exclusivity and sets it apart from others.Red Ice Notches: Enhance not just the look but also provide optimal cooling of the smoke.Curved Shape: The aesthetic and functional design promotes an improved smoking experience.
Red Series Bong #8
Celebrate the magnificent finale of our Red Series with the introduction of the Red Series #8. This masterpiece sets new standards in the world of smoking accessories by featuring the thickest glass wall we've ever offered: an impressive 7mm. This bong combines durability with an exquisite design characterized by a matching red-green mouthpiece, red ice notches, a constriction for improved smoke dynamics, and a base with an elegant red rim. The Red Series #8 is the definition of a high-end pipe that should not be missing from any collection.Product Highlights:Impressive 7mm Glass Wall Thickness: Offers exceptional sturdiness and longevity.Red-Green Mouthpiece: A design highlight that combines style and color harmony.Red Ice Notches and Constriction: Optimize smoke cooling and enhance smoke dynamics.Base with Red Rim: Adds an additional touch of elegance and exclusivity to the bong.