Activated Carbon Adapter diffused
Say hello to a new era of smoking enjoyment with the Adapter with integrated screen! Forget the cumbersome handling of traditional screens. This adapter is a real game-changer, cleverly combining convenience and style. With the usual EHLE quality and a clever, durable design, this adapter offers an optimized smoking experience that you won't want to miss.Product Highlights:Innovative Design: No more annoying screen changing.EHLE Quality: Trust in durability and reliability.Optimized Smoking Experience: Convenient, clean, uncomplicated.Must-Have Accessory: Perfect for the discerning bong user.
Activated Carbon
Are you ready for a new level of purity? The EHLE Activated Carbon with 150g is your key to a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience. This high-quality activated carbon filters unwanted substances from the smoke without affecting the taste. Whether you're an experienced smoker or just starting out, EHLE Activated Carbon is a must-have for every bong.Product Highlights:Effective Cleaning: Filters unwanted particles for pure enjoyment.Taste Neutral: Does not affect the flavor of your herbs.Easy to Use: Simply fill into the adapter or filter.High-Quality Assurance: EHLE guarantees purity and efficiency.
Activated Carbon Adapter
Experience a new dimension in smoking with our EHLE Activated Carbon Adapter! Available in sizes NS 14, NS 18, and NS 29, this adapter revolutionizes your smoking habits by effectively filtering out unwanted pollutants, ensuring a cleaner and healthier smoking experience without diminishing the effects of your herbs. A bestseller in our range, it's renowned for its exceptional stability and quality.Product Highlights:Efficient Filtration: Reduces pollutants without diminishing effects.Various Sizes: Available in NS 14, NS 18, and NS 29.Healthier Smoking: Provides a cleaner and more pleasant experience.Robust Construction: Known for its durability and reliability.
ash tray
Discover the ideal companion for your smoking sessions: our ashtray with a generous diameter of 15 cm. This elegant accessory is not only practical but also a stylish statement that perfectly complements your bong. With the option to choose from 20 different logos, you can customize your ashtray to express your personality.The ashtray is made from high-quality materials that guarantee easy cleaning and durability. Its thoughtful design effectively captures ash, keeping your smoking environment clean and tidy. The 15 cm diameter provides ample space for multiple users at once, making it the ideal accessory for social gatherings.Product Highlights:Generous Size: With a diameter of 15 cm, the ashtray offers ample space for your smoking needs.Personal Design: Choose from 20 unique logos to give your ashtray a personal touch.High-Quality Materials: Made for durability and easy cleaning, this ashtray withstands the demands of any smoking session.Perfect Complement: Designed to stylishly harmonize with your bong, this ashtray completes your smoking experience.
From €10.90*
Bong Bowl with fullcoloured section
Discover the world of colors with our full-color bong bowls, available in 7 stunning color sections. Each bowl is a small work of art, impressing not only with its incredible quality but also with its unique play of colors. Whether in NS 14 or NS 18, these bowls are the perfect accessory for your bong and a must-have for anyone who values style and quality.Product Highlights:Seven Stunning Color Sections: Choose your favorite from a palette of colors.Available in NS 14 and NS 18: Perfect fit for your bong.Artworks of Incredible Quality: Each piece is unique.Stylish Smoking Accessory: Add a touch of color and class to your bong.
bowl holder
Imagine making the cleaning of your bong an absolute pleasure! With this Cleaning Pot, available in three sizes (NS 14, NS 18, NS 29), it's possible. Simply place the bong bowl in it, add cleaning solution, and let it soak. Thanks to its stable construction, it stands securely while effectively cleaning your bong parts. An essential tool for any smoking enthusiast!Product Highlights:Three size options: Perfectly fitting different bong bowls.Stable and secure construction: No tipping over during cleaning.Effective cleaning: Simple and straightforward.Ideal for regular maintenance: Keeps your bong fresh and functional.
bowl holder clear/fullglass
Imagine being able to present your bong bowls not just safely, but also stylishly. That's exactly what the EHLE Bowl Holder offers. This extremely stable and heavy holder accommodates a total of 6 of your bong bowls and is available in the joint sizes NS 14 and NS 18. It's not just a practical storage solution, but also a real gem for your smoking accessories.Product Highlights:Sturdy Construction: Ensures a secure position for your bong bowls.Space for 6 Bowls: Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts.Choice of NS 14 and NS 18: Perfect fit for various bowl sizes.Elegant Design: A representative way to present your bong bowls.
Bowl with coloured accents
Transform your bong into a masterpiece with one of our high-quality bong bowls! Offering a staggering 270 different variations, all custom-made to your preferences, you've found the perfect place to give your bong a unique upgrade. Whether you prefer an NS 18 or NS 14 joint, or are looking for a funnel bowl, pure bowl, or turbo bowl – you're guaranteed to find the perfect piece to not only enhance your bong but also turn it into a real showstopper.Product Highlights:Immense Variety: Choose from 270 different options.Custom Made: Tailored to your preferences.Perfect Fit: Available for NS 18 and NS 14 joints.Unique Designs: From funnel bowls to turbo bowls – find your favorite.
bowl with crown
Elevate your smoking experience with our unique bong bowls, available in seven cool color combinations, complete with a stylish crown rim. Custom-made in NS 14 and NS 18 sizes, these bowls promise the perfect fit characteristic of all EHLE products. Whether for a relaxed evening or as a centerpiece in social gatherings, these bowls are sure to make a statement.Product Highlights:Variety of Colors: Choose from seven attractive color combinations.Custom Quality: Each bowl is crafted to your specifications.Perfect Fit: Guaranteed EHLE quality for seamless compatibility.Stylish Design: Unique crown rim for an extra touch of flair.
cleaning plug
You know the problem: After a delightful session, your bong looks like a battlefield. But worry not, with our special cleaning plugs, cleaning your bong becomes child's play! These handy helpers securely and tightly seal the joint and kick hole of your pipe, allowing you to clean it effortlessly and without any mess. Whether it's stubborn residue or light dirt, our plugs are the perfect companions for efficient and thorough cleaning.Product Highlights:Perfect Seal: Reliably seals the joint and kick hole for straightforward cleaning.Universal Fit: Suitable for common joint sizes, adapts flexibly.Durable Material: Made from robust and resilient material.Easy to Use: Quick to attach and remove, significantly simplifies the cleaning process.
From €4.90*
CLIPPER lighter
Elevate your smoking pleasure with our vibrant Clipper lighters – the perfect spark for your bong! Available individually or as a set, these lighters are not just practical but also a stylish statement. Their durability and refillability set them apart from regular lighters. The unique design makes lighting up your bong a breeze, while the bold colors add a personal touch to every smoking moment.Product Highlights:Stylish and Colorful: Choose from a range of vivid colors.Refillable and Durable: Eco-friendly and practical.Perfect for Bongs: The design facilitates easy lighting.Versatile Use: Great for daily use or as a collector's item.
cylinder bowl
Enhance your smoking experience with the medium-sized Cylinder Head from EHLE! This pipe head is not just a masterpiece of craftsmanship, but also a symbol of precision and quality. Featuring a classic cylinder design, precision cut for the highest fit accuracy, and a tapered draw, it offers an unrivaled pure and intense smoking experience. Each head is carefully tempered to eliminate stress, and undergoes a final hand inspection, marked with the EHLE logo, to ensure that only the best products leave the house.Product Highlights:Classic Cylinder Design: Timeless and efficient.Precision Cut: For the highest accuracy of fit.Tapered Draw: For a more intense smoking experience.Quality Control: Each piece is hand-checked and tempered.
From €18.90*
Design bowl
Illuminate your bong with a sea of colors with our design bowls, available in 10 spectacular color combinations. These bowls are more than smoking accessories, they're a fashion statement! Available in both NS 14 and NS 18 sizes, they're a perfect fit for any type of bong and style. The combination of top-notch quality and impressive color diversity makes each of these bowls an indispensable highlight for style-conscious smokers.Product Highlights:10 Unique Color Combinations: Choose your favorite design.Available in NS 14 and NS 18: Ensures a perfect fit.Fashionable Eye-Catcher: Unique design that catches the eye.Impressive Quality: Durable and exquisitely crafted.
From €69.90*
Design Diffusor
Bring your bong to life with our Design Diffuser, shining in 10 stunning color combinations. Available exclusively in NS 18, this diffuser is the ultimate upgrade for your bong. Each diffuser is a standout feature, impressing with both its vibrant colors and functionality. Add a touch of personality to your bong and enjoy a smoking experience as unforgettable as it is stylish.Product Highlights:10 Fascinating Color Combinations: Choose from a palette of vivid colors.Exclusively in NS 18: Perfect for your bong.Functional and Stylish: Enhances the smoking experience with elegance.Quality That Excites: Durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.
Discover the strength of handcrafted quality with our ultra-durable diffuser. Available in NS 14 and NS 18 and in any desired length, this diffuser is the heart of your bong. Each diffuser is a testament to masterful craftsmanship, featuring thick-walled constructions and extremely precise cuts for a perfect fit and longevity. This diffuser not only enhances your smoking experience but also symbolizes durability and precision.Product Highlights:Handcrafted Quality: Each diffuser is unique.Ultra Durable: Thick-walled design for maximum longevity.Perfect Fit: Precise cuts for seamless connections.Customizable: Available in NS 14, NS 18, and any desired length.
From €36.90*
Diffusor fire polished
Elevate your bong to the ultimate level with our NS 18.8 Diffuser, the epitome of elegance and functionality. This high-end piece, adorned with a fire-polished logo, represents the pinnacle of sophistication and stands in a class of its own.Every draw is transformed into a pure, smooth experience by the diffuser, thanks to its expertly designed structure that efficiently cools and filters the smoke. The highlight of this piece is undoubtedly the fire-polished logo – a mark of quality and craftsmanship that elevates this diffuser to a league of its own excellence.Product Highlights:NS 18.8 Joint: Perfect fit for high-end bongs.Fire-Polished Logo: A symbol of premium quality and design.Optimized Smoking Experience: Cooling and filtering at the highest level.High-Quality Material: Promises durability and a flawless appearance.The Must-Have Accessory: Transforms any bong into a luxurious smoking device.
Imagine having the power to transform your smoking session into an artful ritual. This becomes possible with our EHLE Coupling, also known as Shillum. These masterpieces of glass-blowing craftsmanship come with the unique, heavy-duty EHLE precision grinding, ensuring unrivaled quality and a perfect fit. With the choice between NS 14 and NS 18, we offer you the flexibility needed for your individual smoking pleasure. And the best part? You can have the length of your coupling custom-adjusted – a bespoke luxury for your smoking experience!Product Highlights:EHLE Precision Grinding: For a seamless and durable connection.Flexible Size Selection: Available in NS 14 and NS 18 to meet your needs.Customizable Length: Adjust the length of your coupling to your desires.Heavy-Duty Quality: Ensures robustness and a long lifespan.
funnel bowl
Conquer the bong world with our Funnel Head, the bestseller among bong bowls! Crafted with renowned high-quality cuts in NS 14 and NS 18, this funnel head offers not just quality, but a tailored smoking experience. Choose from three different sizes to find your ideal fill volume and enjoy every puff to its fullest.Product Highlights:Customized Sizes: Choose from three sizes for your perfect smoking experience.Quality Cut: Available in NS 14 and NS 18 for a precise fit.Optimal Smoke Development: The funnel head ensures even and intense smoke enjoyment.Bestseller: Popular among connoisseurs for its quality and versatility.
glass gauzes
Imagine sitting back relaxed, and instead of spending time on the laborious cleaning of conventional screens, you simply wipe your glass screen – and you're ready for the next round. This small but fine accessory quickly becomes indispensable in your smoking ritual.Product Highlights:Quick Cleaning: Forget about laborious scrubbing! A quick wipe, and your glass screen is ready to use again.Durable and Robust: Made of high-quality glass, it withstands heat and is more durable than traditional screens.Optimal Smoking Experience: Ensures an even airflow and a purer smoking experience.Easy Handling: Simply insert it into the head of the bong – no expertise required.
glass poker
Discover the versatile EHLE Glass Tamper – the ideal tool for every bong enthusiast. Whether with or without a dish, this glass tamper offers the flexibility to effectively tamp and clean your bong bowls. Its elegant and sturdy glass design makes it not only practical but also a stylish accessory.Product Highlights:Versatile Use: Perfect for tamping and cleaning bong bowls.High-Quality Glass Design: Durable and stylish for long-lasting use.User-Friendly: Easy to handle, suitable for beginners and connoisseurs alike.Flexible: Available with and without a dish, depending on your individual needs.
glass whip adapter
Our EHLE Glass Adapters are the perfect addition to enhance your smoking experience. Available in various options in NS 14 and NS 18, including straight, 45-degree bent, and 90-degree bent, they provide the ideal solution for seamlessly connecting hoses and water filters.Product Highlights:Versatile Selection: NS 14 and NS 18, straight or bent.High-Quality Glass: Robust and durable.Perfect Fit: For effortless connections.Enhance Your Smoking Experience: Improve your bong's airflow.
Looking for the perfect upgrade for your bong? Our diverse selection of high-quality glass adapters offers exactly what you need. Whether for special connections or creative extensions – find the ideal adapter, precision-made in Germany. Our adapters are not just practical, but also stylish – a true highlight for any bong. Product Highlights:Wide Selection: Find the perfect adapter for any situation.High-Quality Manufacturing: Durability and reliability 'Made in Germany'.Perfect Fit: For a seamless and efficient smoking experience.Stylish Design: Adds an elegant touch to your bong.