Wasserfilter POWER TOWER (Komplettset)

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Produktinformationen "Wasserfilter POWER TOWER (Komplettset)"

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23. Juni 2024 12:42

Just the best!!

I live in Eastern Europe (the Balkans), my salary is ~ 1000 euro/month and I am absolutely convinced that spending 200 euro on that glass bubbler is money well spent. The quality is amazing – better than my vintage GDR made laboratory glass. The versatility of this unit is what I consider its greatest asset – with different adapters and gadgets (some of them DIY while others of the shelf), SWIM have vaporized everting from a vast array of tryptamines( some using heated Argon gas to avoid oxidative deterioration of the material), salvinorins, harmalas to many, many other strange alkaloids. Simply THE BEST and will buy again if I need another unit.