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Welcome! Nice that you're here. Come with me on a journey through the world of EHLE. Discover what we create every day. Feel what drives us. Let yourself be carried away by our enthusiasm for the magical material glass. Travel with me through a world of colors, shapes and untamed imagination. 

Here, you will find small bongs, large bongs, straight bongs, bent bongs, fat bongs, slim bongs, serial bongs, collector's bongs, lots of accessories, needful things and much more. And if your desired model is not here: Please contact us. We will make it for you.

Have fun shopping!
Your EHLE. - team


October makes everything new!

It has been quiet here for far too long, but now we have decided to let you participate more and to give you an insight into our production and our everyday work more often!

Today we start and want to draw your attention to our repair service again!

Repair service? Why do I need a repair service? I'm buying a quality product Made in Germany!

You are totally right! Of course, all of our products only leave our glass blowing workshop after extensive checks!

But it can always happen that your favorite piece falls over (keyword: cat) or that the chillum / downstem / diffuser gets jammed!

And that's exactly what our repair service is for!

 We are proud to be able to repair some pipes that have been in service for more than 20 years and to provide the owner with his favorite piece again!

We even do little things like solving a tilted joint free of charge...

Here you will find all the important information about our repair service!

Thank you and best regards


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