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Welcome! Nice that you're here. Come with me on a journey through the world of EHLE. Discover what we create every day. Feel what drives us. Let yourself be carried away by our enthusiasm for the magical material glass. Travel with me through a world of colors, shapes and untamed imagination. 

Here, you will find small bongs, large bongs, straight bongs, bent bongs, fat bongs, slim bongs, serial bongs, collector's bongs, lots of accessories, needful things and much more. And if your desired model is not here: Please contact us. We will make it for you.

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A journey into the past...

Today, for once, we don't want to look into the future in our blog, but into the past.

Many of you don't even know that the profession of glass apparatus builder in the Ehle family dates back to the 16th century.

Already there it was an unwritten "law" that the son had to learn the same trade as a glass blower that the father practiced.

And so Günther Ehle moved from Thuringia to beautiful Limburg an der Lahn in 1949 and just 1 year later founded the Günther Ehle glass instrument factory, which is still based in our house today and is continued by Thomas' cousin.

So Thomas came into contact with the material glass early on, especially with borosilicate glass, which is also used in laboratories today because it is very heat-resistant, and decided to learn this profession in the 80s and then founded the on 01. April 1989 his own company. Thus Thomas Ehle Glasatelier was born.

Initially he produced glass art objects such as Christmas decorations and glass decorations. One day a customer approached him and asked him if he could make bongs too. Even then, these were made of borosilicate glass, so it was not a problem. Thomas then began to produce high-quality glass bongs under other brands.

In 1997, his trademark TE was registered as a logo at the German Patent and Trademark Office, before many other brands such as EHLE., Ehleminator, Artline and Hardware followed.

In 2015, the wedding finally took place with "Burdich Laborbedarf GmbH", which, like Günther Ehle glass instrument factory, had also been based in the same building for many years.

This gave both companies an enormous boost and so today we can count ourselves among the largest German glassblowers in the field of bongs.

Here are some impressions of our company building, where we are still based after more than 70 years.

Greetings from Limburg wishes you


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