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limited edition 2023

limited to 250 pcs.

Here comes our 3.edition of our limited edition for 2023:

This year he have created an special form of our beaker, which is only available in this edition. With 5mm thickness and and height of 34cm, this beaker is an robust, but extremly stable pipe.

Also with the design we are gone a complete new way: sandblasted tube with clear glass window for our popular black&white-logo.

Sidewise on beaker, you will find 2 deep sandblasted pattern and one fine sandblasted on the bottom

Of course, the spareparts come with the same sandblasted design like the beaker. Packed in our popular wooden box, which is also branded with ,,limited edition 2023"

Your favorite number will be engraved by hand on this pipe and of course you will also receive a matching, new certificate of authenticity!

Item #: 99023-LE

production time: 3-10 days


joint: 18,8

height: approx. 34cm

diameter: 45mm

wall thickness: 5mm