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Shillum- resp. diffuser lengths

How do I order my shillum / diffuser correctly? In order to manufacture your spare part precisely fitting we need you to state us the distance between the top edge of the joint cone and the bottom end of the tube.

What to do if I do not have any comparison? Just take a long pen and stick it through the joint into the very pipe the diffuser should be used for, the pen ending barely WITHOUT contact to the bottom of your pipe. Now hold on to the pen with your fingers exactly where the pen comes out of the joint. Now measure the distance and you will have the correct length.




Stuck joint

My shillum / diffuser is stuck in the joint! What can I do now? The finer a joint is, the more precisely fitting and thus the more impermeable it is. Due to this fact it is possible a joint gets stuck. Please do NOT try pulling your shillum out of the joint by violence. Send us your pipe exta well wrapped and packed, we will loose the joint for you. This service is free of charge.

Can I do anything in advance to prevent the joint getting stuck? Generally, in laboratories a so called stopcock-grease is used to keep the joint tight and smooth-running. Customary vaseline also proved itself with the same effect. This grease is tasteless and scentless and furthermore does not get in touch with the water or your tobacco. Rub the joint cone of your shillum or diffuser just razor-thin and it is safe not to get stuck!


How does an EHLE. package arrive with me? Sending is executed out with DHL (Deutsche Post AG), all parcels carry a simple lable which only shows the addressor "Burdich Laborbedarf". We forward abolutely neutral parcels which wrapping does not give any hint on its contents.


What can I do in case I find a broken product in my package? Basically we wrap every single piece big in bubble wrap plus afterwards in styrofoam - chips. The risk that indeed something might break is vanishingly low. In the unlikely event of such accidence we urgently advise you to contact us at first place.  As we are able to rebuild a broken piece in most incidents, we would ask you to send all broken goods back to us. Please keep your receipts by all means! Important notice: None of our staff is entitled to accept any packages having sent freight forward! Those will all come back to you subject to charge.