We are excited to introduce you to our new RED SERIES. 
8 completely different bongs, each adorned with the new special logo, which is only available in this series! 
Choose your favorite in RED...

Legalisation Dring glasses (2pcs)
To match our legalization series, we have refined 2 high-quality drinking glasses for you with the appropriate special logo! On the back you will also find Thomas Ehle's signature burned in as a logo! Delivery includes 2 long drink glasses!
Legalisation-Bong #1
Discover the new pinnacle of craftsmanship with our "Legalization 2024" series, starting with Model #1. This 500ml cylinder bong, equipped with an NS 18 joint, is adorned with an exclusive special logo and the elegant Thomas Ehle signature on the side. Each piece comes complete with a diffuser and bowl, ensuring a premium smoking experience. Engraved with the date 01.04.2024, this bong commemorates a significant milestone. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this model combines functionality with commemorative value. Secure your piece of history today!Product Highlights:500ml Cylinder: Perfect size for smooth, enjoyable sessions.NS 18 Joint: Ensures a tight fit and optimal performance.Exclusive Special Logo: Adds a unique and stylish touch.Thomas Ehle Signature: A mark of authenticity and quality.Complete Set: Includes diffuser and bowl for convenience.Engraved Date: 01.04.2024 – a significant commemoration.
Legalisation-Bong #2
Discover Model #2 of our exclusive "Legalization 2024" series: an impressive beaker with a height of 37 cm and a wall thickness of 3.2 mm. This masterpiece features an elegant black mouthpiece and bears the exclusive special logo as well as the Thomas Ehle signature on the side. The robust construction and stylish design make this beaker a highlight of any collection. Perfect for connoisseurs who value quality and aesthetics. Secure this extraordinary piece and showcase your sense of the exceptional!Product Highlights:37 cm Height: For a voluminous and intense smoking experience.3.2 mm Wall Thickness: Robust construction for long-lasting enjoyment.Black Mouthpiece: Stylish and comfortable to use.Exclusive Special Logo: A unique eye-catcher.Thomas Ehle Signature: Stands for the highest quality and craftsmanship.
Legalisation-Bong #3
Ready for the ultimate smoking experience? Model #3 from the "Legalization 2024" series delivers just that. This 45 cm tall beaker, made from solid 5 mm glass, combines style and strength. The solid black mouthpiece and matching black ice notches are not only functional but also strikingly stylish. As with all models in this series, the exclusive special logo and Thomas Ehle signature proudly adorn the side. Perfect for those who appreciate the exceptional and refuse to compromise on quality. This collector's item is waiting for you!Product Highlights:45 cm Height: Impressive and ideal for an intense smoking experience.5 mm Thick Glass: Extremely robust for long-lasting use.Black Ice Notches: Elegant and functional.Black Mouthpiece: Aesthetic and comfortable.Exclusive Special Logo: A unique detail.Thomas Ehle Signature: Synonymous with the highest quality.
Legalisation-Bong #4
Unleash your inner connoisseur with Model #4 from our exclusive "Legalization 2024" series. This beaker stands tall at 43 cm and is crafted from resilient 5 mm glass. Its striking design features two vibrant color rings seamlessly integrated into the body and a dazzling multicolored mouthpiece. Proudly showcasing the special logo and Thomas Ehle signature, this piece isn't just about aesthetics—it's a testament to superior craftsmanship. For those who demand more from their smoking experience, this beaker is the perfect choice.Product Highlights:43 cm Height: Ideal for an intense and immersive smoking session.5 mm Thick Glass: Durable and built to last.Two Color Sections: Stylish rings that add unique visual appeal.Multicolored Mouthpiece: Combines beauty and comfort.Exclusive Special Logo: Distinctive and eye-catching.Thomas Ehle Signature: A mark of quality and craftsmanship.
Legalisation-Bong #5
Crown your collection with Model #5, the ultimate highlight of our "Legalization 2024" series. This impressive 45 cm tall round base cylinder, crafted from solid 5 mm glass, features stylish green ice notches and a vibrant multicolored crown mouthpiece. The artistic indentations in the glass and a marble with a hemp leaf dichro make this bong truly unique. The special logo and Thomas Ehle signature complete this masterpiece. This bong is the ultimate collector's item for those who appreciate the extraordinary and refuse to compromise on quality and design. Secure this one-of-a-kind piece and enjoy an unparalleled smoking experience!Product Highlights:45 cm Height: Impressive and perfect for intense sessions.5 mm Thick Glass: Robust construction for long-lasting enjoyment.Green Ice Notches: Stylish and functional.Multicolored Crown Mouthpiece: Combines elegance and comfort.Glass Indentations: Artistic and unique.Marble with Hemp Leaf Dichro: A true eye-catcher and unique piece.Exclusive Special Logo: Adds a distinctive highlight.Thomas Ehle Signature: A mark of the highest quality.