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Broken bong - now what?

Your EHLE. repair service

You can be as careful as you like - unfortunately, glass is brittle and mishaps can easily happen. So that this does not become a catastrophe, we offer our fast and inexpensive repair service. We have put together the most important information for you here.

What can you fix?

Basically, we repair all glass water pipes and accessories from our production. Please understand that we do not process third-party pipes.

1) stuck grinds

With our equipment, we can quickly and easily remove stuck grindings. Please do not try anything by hook or by crook. The danger is too great to unnecessarily increase the damage or hurt yourself. By the way, loosening stuck grindings is a free service.

2) broken off joints

We can renew almost all joints, even mostly, without it being visible afterwards. It is important that the crack or fracture does not run into the vitreous body; sometimes something like that can no longer be closed. If you have any questions about your mishap, simply send us a (mobile) photo before you send your bong to us.

3) broken feet

The most important thing here: Your glass water pipe must be straight. Unfortunately, we can no longer attach feet to curved models for production-related reasons. Here too, no cracks should run into the glass body, otherwise we don't stand a chance. And yes, your e.motion can be repaired.

4) broken mouthpieces

We have several options here: We can cut off the broken end and mold a new mouthpiece for you. Or we extend the whistle to its original length, and if you wish, a little more. Please note that there will always be a seam - but sometimes it's like the patch on your favorite pair of jeans... But again, we can only work on straight models.

5) Crack in the vitreous body

... smashed hollow foot or bullet? Unfortunately we can't do anything about that.

If you have any questions about your repair or if we can help you in any other way, please send an email to

How much do the repairs cost?

Repair prices depend on time and effort. Please inquire about the costs incurred by sending an e-mail to The return is made in advance; the shipping costs are EUR 6.90.

What do I have to consider?

- Please clean your pipe as well as possible before sending it in. Dirty pipes are not only unsightly for us, but the attachment points simply do not hold.

- Please pack your pipe unbreakable and send it to us. You can confidently throw away shards; all repairs are carried out with new material. The address for your submission is

EHLE. Glasbläserei

Am Kissel 5

65549 Limburg / Lahn

- Please add a cover letter to your shipment, on which you note your address, e-mail address, telephone number and any special requests you may have.

- Please use our service form.

- Please do not send us unstamped packages; we do not accept these shipments.

- Unfortunately, we cannot assume any liability for customer-owned glass water pipes.

- Repairs that have not been picked up after four weeks or whose advance payment has not been paid will be disposed of by us.



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